Gary, I can't thank you enough for your expert representation throughout the selling process. I know this was not a big money deal for you, but I am quite sure you treated me the same as you do your large deals. Even more important is that I have been able to trust you from the beginning. I have become increasingly jaded over the past ten years and it is rare for me to be able to trust someone the way I could trust you. This is a life changing amount of money for me and I am thrilled with the way the entire process went. Again, thank you for representing my best interests. Keep doing what you do and don't forget about those of us at the entry level – we need agents like you more that the big players do.  

David Sabolish

It has been my life goal to handle awkward and difficult situations with grace and patience, and what I have witnessed is that you possess that same unique talent.  So, in short, I want you to know that I have recognized your inherent qualities and you have been appreciated – thank you!

Stephanie McKnight

Gary – great job on getting this deal done.  It certainly was not easy but I appreciate that you maintained a strong commitment to getting this property sold.  I also appreciate the small favors (like meeting movers) that ended up being a very big help.  I felt like you were willing to do whatever needed doing which is what I need from my business partners.

Bruce Gilpin

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