In all seriousness, as a friend and former client, you have shown us all how real estate is done - with dignity, professionalism, and candor; qualities that are not nearly as frequently present in this business as they should be. AND with humor as well!

Mark Penn

We've been so impressed with your business acumen and open communication to the 3 of us.We appreciate how specific you have been as we have read how detailed you are ... listing what needs to be done to the property, leaving nothing unsaid.Upon our initial meeting, you were so prepared and thorough. The comp listings were handsomely displayed in the booklet. When you left, Doreen, Ivan, and I looked at each other. We were almost speechless. Suddenly I said that we didn't need to interview anyone else (but of course we did). You did your homework. You put in the time and effort. We appreciated your enthusiasm. As modest as our property is, you made us feel that it could have been a $10M listing. It was so professional and impressive that you responded immediately that evening; plus, each time immediately thereafter when there was correspondence.

Eliza Wong

When I decided to move out of San Francisco, some old friends of mine recommended Gary Johnson to handle the sale of my condo. Gary guided me through the process with patience and persistence. When roadblocks appeared, Gary always found a solution. His positive energy went a long way to making this challenging experience pleasurable and rewarding. Thanks Gary for taking such good care.

Will Z.

Thank you so much for all of your help over the past several months. We couldn't have done it without you! It is a great feeling that we were able to move into the house we really wanted, and inwind our properties in a way that really supported out move.

Maureen Kohi & Rob Capone

You had an impressive team of professionals to ready our home for sale and it was our pleasure & delight to be part of this team. We were confident all would go well, and our expectations were exceeded! Thank you again!

Asa DeMatteo and Tom Brady

As a first time seller in San Francisco, I did myself a big favor by choosing Gary Johnson as my agent.  His meticulous and organized approach from the beginning helped me not only gain a realistic expectation for the outcome of the sale, but aided the navigation of the often confusing and stressful process.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again with Gary.

Alex Ivanoff

I want to take time, Gary, to thank you for your kind words, and your energy and dedication to our journey.  You listen, and you respond with only us in mind.  You’re consummately respectful and you have been so patient with our learning curve.  WE will certainly recommend you to others.

Sue Horst

Gary, I can't thank you enough for your expert representation throughout the selling process. I know this was not a big money deal for you, but I am quite sure you treated me the same as you do your large deals. Even more important is that I have been able to trust you from the beginning. I have become increasingly jaded over the past ten years and it is rare for me to be able to trust someone the way I could trust you. This is a life changing amount of money for me and I am thrilled with the way the entire process went. Again, thank you for representing my best interests. Keep doing what you do and don't forget about those of us at the entry level – we need agents like you more that the big players do. 

David Sabolish

It has been my life goal to handle awkward and difficult situations with grace and patience, and what I have witnessed is that you possess that same unique talent.  So, in short, I want you to know that I have recognized your inherent qualities and you have been appreciated – thank you!

Stephanie McKnight

Gary – great job on getting this deal done.  It certainly was not easy but I appreciate that you maintained a strong commitment to getting this property sold.  I also appreciate the small favors (like meeting movers) that ended up being a very big help.  I felt like you were willing to do whatever needed doing which is what I need from my business partners.

Bruce Gilpin