Gary Johnson

I believe that when you are passionate about what you do, it simply makes work enjoyable. I get the opportunity to work with clients on some, if not the most important financial decisions of their lives. Making a difference by guiding them through each element of buying or selling is rewarding. Real estate has become a more complex process and being able to make it less stressful for my clients is rewarding.

Sellers need a counselor who will make sure that all the bases are covered so that, when their property is sold, we both know that the disclosures and the inspections provided leave no stone unturned. Buyers need the guidance mostly about quality, need of inspections, review all history of a property, location and the negotiations involved. Even if they bought and sold before, it is still unfamiliar territory.

When I started in real estate, it was my goal to offset the negative reputation of other agents and promise to be a good communicator. Every client deserves the feeling of them being a top priority regardless of how many other clients you have at that time. I find it a positive challenge to handle difficult situations because resolving these for my clients is gratifying.

The biggest compliment is knowing that my clients appreciate all the small details I address to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They recognize that I love my work as I’ve remained enthused because there’s not a better product to sell than a home. Also, the commitment to giving good service comes from my last career – several sales and management positions at Nordstrom.

Giving Back to the Community is Very Important to Gary

  • He co-chaired the Compass Community Fund board from 2004 – 2014 which has given through December 31, 2015 $642,000 to local non-profit agencies.
  • He co-chaired the 27th Annual Horizons Foundation Gala.
  • He chaired teams for AIDS Walk SF.
  • He is a donor to GLIDE and Project Night Night.
  • He has donated to The Open String Foundation which works tirelessly to provide string instruments to our youth community so that they can further the musical aspect of their life; they repair and donate pre-used instruments and also provide new ones.

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